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CQM In-Class Training Sessions

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Canadian Quality Milk Program

The Canadian Quality Milk (CQM) program has begun its official roll-out in the province of Ontario and the Kirkton Veterinary Clinic is ready to help you achieve a successful validation and further ensure the continued premium quality of milk and meat produced by you, our clients.

All bovine veterinarians at Kirkton have been officially trained as CQM advisors and can provide in class and on farm training, as well as answer any general or specific questions you may have regarding the program and implementation on your farm.


What can KVC do for you?

-In Class Training:
- All farmers are encouraged to enrol in an in class training session offered by the Kirkton Veterinary Clinic. Sessions are 1 to 1 ½ hours in length and will outline in detail the requirements of the program, examples on how to complete requirements easily, and provides a time to ask questions regarding implementation of your farm. Sessions will occur every 6-8 weeks. Call the clinic if you are interested in attending, as enrolment at each session is limited.

-On Farm Training:
- All farmers are entitled to on farm training. This session will occur on your farm with your herd health veterinarian, or any other member of our bovine veterinary team. This session is 1 ½ hours in length and includes in depth evaluation of all mandatory records as well as facility and animal inspection to ensure your farm meets all mandatory requirements for the CQM program. Book your on farm training session with your herd health veterinarian or by calling the clinic, after you have taken the in class training session.

-Producer Resource Manual:
- Our clinic has developed a helpful resource manual to assist with collection and organization of all CQM records. The manual includes best management practices for treating common diseases, our clinic pharmaceutical inventory with accurate withdrawal times and storage requirements, and product labels for all pharmaceuticals sold through the clinic. All are requirements of the CQM program.


What can you do to get started?

- Complete your farm’s Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)
- Standard Operating Procedures are a set of instructions to complete specific tasks on your farm to ensure the task is completed the same way by all involved, to ensure milk and meat safety.
- Go to the DFO website at and use the SOP Wizard to quickly and easily complete your farm’s SOPs.
- Provide a copy of your SOPs to your herd health veterinarian for review and suggestions.

- Complete your farm’s Corrective Action Plans (CAPs)
- Corrective Action Plans are a set of plans in place in case of a variety of emergencies that could compromise milk or meat safety.
- Provide a copy of your CAPs to your herd health veterinarian for review and suggestions.

-Develop Treatment Protocols for Common Diseases
- Using our best management practices, in conjunction with your herd health veterinarian, develop and record treatment protocols for all of the diseases you see on your farm.
- Recording of animal treatments is made much easier and more efficient if treatment protocols are in place.